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GWC’s open-platform SPRchip™ substrates give you complete control over surface attachment strategies for SPR analysis. SPRchip™ substrates are ideal if:
  • You want to array more than 25 probes per chip; or
  • You want to use a spotting robot to lay out probes on the array; or
  • You need features smaller than 0.7 mm; or
  • You want to spot volumes less than 100 nL; or
  • You are using the SPR100 wavelength-scanning system.
Tuned to optimize SPR responses for the SPRimager®II imaging system and for the SPR 100 wavelength-scanning system, the SPRchip™ is manufactured with a uniform, pure gold surface. And SPRchip™ substrates are dextran-free, ready for you to apply any surface preparation chemistry you prefer. If you would like GWC’s recommendations for surface preparation strategies, please contact us with details of your experimental needs via .
Product Details
Item Catalog Number Unit
SPRchip™ SPR-1000-050 pkg of 5
To order, please contact your GWC Technologies representative, or contact .
To ask about custom SPRchip™ substrates with modified gold thickness or glass dimensions, please contact with your specific needs.
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